Part 9. Of lovers and friends

Warning: Bad Language

We were out having coffee with Shani, when I noticed a man across the street, looking suspiciously like Frank, and a woman wrapped around him so tightly that made me wonder how his eyes hadn’t popped out yet.

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Part 8: Losing a friend

*WARNING: Sexual content in this chapter. I kindly request that if you are below 16 years of age, or easily disturbed by such content, to please stop reading once you see the red “Warning” line.

I left Chris’s office in an awful mood. I had no doubt he was wrong to consider Frank a suspect; nevertheless, the fact that Frank hadn’t told me anything about his trip to Egypt, had stung me deeply. Continue reading

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Part 7: The appointment

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Yup, it’s a come back!

Hellooo… anybody still here?
Well, not sure if anyone remembers this long-forgotten story or if anyone still cares, but I intend to continue with this. It took me far more than I had initially estimated to adjust to my new life and spare some of my time to the Sims, and to be honest I had gotten really fed up with the game, but I wanted to keep the promise that I made over a year ago that I would return, so I will.

If you’re interested, stay tuned because there soon will be an update!

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continuous support despite the fact that I’m awfully slow (sorry!!) on updating and let you know that this blog is not dead. I intend to keep writing it, and in fact, I have several chapters ready, they just need to be refined before I can upload them.

My life is terribly busy right now with my impending wedding as well as my increasing responsibilities at work, and hence, I’m probably not going to be updating the blog for another 1-2 months, until things settle down a little bit. It’s not just that I don’t have the time. I guess it’s more about the fact that I need to get used to my new life before I can return to my hobbies. But I will return, that’s a promise! I never thought my blog would appeal to so many people, and I’m grateful for that, I’m not going to let you guys down 🙂

So thank you again, and I’m hoping that you’ll keep checking out my blog from time to time. Have a great summer!

PS. By the way… Pets on October, yaaaay!!!

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Part 6: The Date

*Warning: Some f*** words. 🙂

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Part 5: Rewinding memories

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Part 4: The Dark Side

10 months later….

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Part 3: The rest of my holidays…

“There she wakes!” I heard a heavily accented voice, saying happily. I opened my eyes and I saw a sweet old lady smiling.

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Part 2: Dream turned to nightmare

We took our first uncertain steps into the pyramid. A scent of mould mixed with sand penetrated my nostrils and it evoked images of ancient Egyptian myths into my head. Continue reading

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