Part 6: The Date

*Warning: Some f*** words. 🙂

“….So, I … accepted to meet him tonight” I explained the situation to my friends the next day.

“You did what?” Frank yelled.

“Oh you did right, Lou. He’s so sexy and dark and mysterious and … just… WOW! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!” Shani disagreed with Frank.

“The man might be a psychotic murderer for all we know! The other night he was talking to her about darkness, for fuck’s sake!! ” Frank was exasperated.

“Yeah, he said it was a PLACE Frank. Okay? They’ll be in front of so many people! Even if he is serial killer, he won’t do anything in public!” Shani made a sensible point.

“Fine, but I’ll come with you. I’ll just pretend to be drinking my cocktail while I’ll be keeping an eye on you” Frank was resolute.

“He’ll keep an eye on you, and on any other females that will be around.” Shani said. “Oh, I don’t know, Frank. Are you sure you can protect Lou when there are so many boobs around?” Shani mocked him.

“Enough with you two. I’ll be feeling better with Frank around anyway. It’s a deal!” I ended the fight between them.

Meanwhile, I was contemplating on whether I should call Chris Wilson and let him know about my secrets, such as the strange attitude I felt the police officers had, the strange man I thought I might have seen, the man who might have been watching me and all these seemingly paranoid details which were running through my head.

I searched for his card and I picked up the phone. I dialed the number and waited for an answer.

“Hello?” I heard his voice through the other side of the line.

His voice was so sexy that I almost forgot what I wanted to tell him. My heart started to pound like crazy. Thankfully, it only took me a few seconds to recompose myself and speak. “… Mr. Wilson? …I’m Alyssa Richards. I… ”

“Please call me Chris” he interrupted me.

“Yeah… Chris, there are a few details that I forgot to mention yesterday. I am not sure about their validity though.”  I said still undecided as to whether I should talk to him about it, or if this would lead him to believe I’m a lunatic.

“Everything is important. Is it something you can tell me over the phone, or would you like us to meet in person?”  Chris asked.

“I’d prefer us to meet if that is not a problem.” I said. I wanted to be able to see his reactions and explain myself to him.

We arranged an appointment for the coming week, which was a little surprising actually. Was he that busy? I thought he would be eager for new clues, especially those coming from me, his main (if not only) source.


In the evening, I was preparing in my room for my rendezvous with Johan. Shani was helping me decide what to wear.

“Lou, you don’t look very happy for dating someone this sexy.” Shani said with disappointment.

“I am just nervous Shani!!” I responded.

“How long is it since you last had a date?” she asked.

Suddenly I wanted to cry. All my nervousness about the date, the depression about Ray, the total absence of a boyfriend and the low self-esteem which stems from that… Everything was a mess in my head.

“…It’s been 3 years.” I looked away.

She came in front of me and gently put her hands on my shoulders. “Oh, Alyssa. If you’re so much in love with him, why haven’t you told him?” she said.

“Who… I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said. “Poo! It’s nine past ten already. I need to go! Bye Shani!”  I rushed outside.

He was there waiting for me, looking amazing. He took my arm and we walked to the main street to get a cab. On the way to Eugi’s bar, I was mostly silent, partly due to my shyness and partly due to the talk we had earlier with Shani. He wasn’t trying to make me feel more comfortable; he wasn’t particularly good with the small talk either.

When we reached Eugi’s he offered to buy me a drink and we talked about our surroundings and the music. A band was performing live here tonight.

Frank was already there and he looked at Johan from head to toe with contempt, and from the first moment he started scanning the place for potential flirts. It didn’t take him long to find a particularly …gifted individual to occupy his time and attention.

Great. Just how hard would I have to scream to distract him from the girl’s bust?

Johan suggested that we dance together and I nonchalantly agreed. I wasn’t that much of a dancer. My moves were as gracious as those of an elephant.

As we were dancing, Johan came closer to me and whispered to my ear, “There is something so special about you”.

“Really? What would that be?” I wondered. Does he really think I’ll buy this typical ‘you’re so special’ poo?

“You’re sure we’ve never met before? …Not even in a different life?” he said and touched my cheek with his lips.

I shivered and felt my face blush. “Please don’t tell me anything about dark places and theories about us having met in another life or so.” I begged.

“I was thinking about telling you how beautiful you are.” He said. His arms were around my waist and I could hardly resist kissing him.

Meanwhile Frank had noticed that we were getting more intimate and came right next to us pretending that he was listening to the band.

“Lalala… If you need me, oh… lalala… if you need me, all you have to do, is wink wink wink … and I’ll kill the bastard” he singed along with the band’s music.

A chuckle escaped my lips.  So he was looking after me.

“What is so funny?” Johan said.

“Nothing. I just saw somebody make a weird dance move.” I lied.

For the rest of our night, Johan didn’t mention anything crazy like “dark side”; Instead, he was trying to drive me crazy, as he kept touching my face and my shoulders, and wrapping his arms around my waist. Despite the fact that he was totally irresistible I couldn’t help it but feel awkward, without being able to put my finger on why.

A few hours later, we decided it was time to leave. He kissed my cheek once again and said goodbye and we parted ways. When he was safely far, I met up with Frank.

“How was your night, darling? How was your …mystery man?” He asked me.

“Well, we didn’t talk very much. It seems he’s not a man of words. But he is so alluring” I said.

“Huh, still, I am the one whose apartment you will spend the night in.”  He said with a wink.

“True!” I said laughing.

“… You don’t seem very happy” his expression was suddenly more serious.

There we go again. “It’s just …that investigation about Ray. Sharing that story of how he disappeared is still very painful to me.” I admitted.

He came to me with his arms inviting me for a hug. “Do you want me to kick this Wilson’s butt?” he said as he drew me closer to his warm body.

“Aaaw, you smell like a cheap whore.” I teased him.

“Marina’s not cheap. You’re just jealous!… or was that Helena?” he joked.

“Maybe your argument should be based on her not being a whore instead of her not being cheap?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Beh… How should I know? All I know is she asked me to buy her the most expensive drink on the catalogue!” he replied.

We laughed and then headed to the nearby square to get a cab.

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12 Responses to Part 6: The Date

  1. StyxLady says:

    I laughed at Frank’s little song..hehehe. Johan is…interesting. I don’t think he’s the guy for Alyssa, though. I wonder who Shani was talking about? Can’t wait to see what happens at the meet-up with Chris!

  2. Sfe says:

    Hello Styxlady! Yeah, Johan makes Alyssa feel strange. That is not a good sign when meeting a new guy. I think Alyssa wonders what Shani was talking about too. Maybe Shani knows Alyssa better than Alyssa knows her own self?…

    Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  3. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Heyy, I just started reading your blog, and it is GREAT so far!
    Johan is so mysterious…
    Frank is hilarious with the song! 😀

    maybe you could check out my blog?

    • Sfe says:

      Hi Lilith! Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m glad you like Frank, he’s one of my favorite characters so far.

      Sure, I will check out your blog. I like returning readership:)

  4. Drew says:

    How wonderful you updated! I must say, Alyssa has her hands full! It\s raining men~ Johan is mysterious indeed, and dangerous and sexy. Frank is just adorable. But, Chris Wilson also is intriguing, looking forward to Alyssa’s meeting with him.

    Love the date, even though Johan was laying it on thick, and Alyssa knew it, she was still overcome by his presence, well done!

    Oh, Google was down for a couple of days, but it is fixed now if you want to come by Crime Story, LOL! Cheers!

    • Sfe says:

      Thank you so much Drew!

      Yeah, it seems Alyssa has a lot of choices, hehe 🙂 I’m not sure whether she realises it, however. Her self-esteem is pretty low right now.

      Yes, Google has a lot of problems lately I think. I have trouble leaving comments on my favorite blogs too often. At least, everything seems to be working fine now!

  5. pinkfiend1 says:

    Frank’s a little bit of a sweetie.

    • Sfe says:

      Hi pinkfiend!! Good to see you again!
      Sure he is, at least when it comes to his friends. I don’t think his various girlfriends share the same opinion though, hehe! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  6. JA Murphy says:

    Hi sfe, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to your update. Wow, seems that Alyssa has her hands full with men at the moment! The worry over Ray’s disappearance, the intriguing and mysterious Johan (although I have to agree with the others that although there is some connection there I don’t think romance is right for those two), and the almost equally mysterious PI Chris. Then there’s the mystery man that Shani seems to think Alyssa is in love with and Frank with his funny little songs.

    Wonderful update, lots of mystery needing unravelling!

    • Sfe says:

      Hi Illandrya!! No need to apologize, it took me long too to catch up with Veronika. I’m just glad you liked it 🙂
      Yes, a lot of mystery is going on, I hope it isn’t too much! The next few updates are going to add even more to it…

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!

  7. Daww, this was quite a comedic Part! 😀

    Frank is too funny and I loved the reference to him and his love of boobs, lol! At least he was looking out for Alyssa while she was at the club with Johan. Poor darling though she is still traumatized by Ray’s disappearance. It’s all very sad and I still wonder what happened to him and if he is alright. And I wonder when we will get to the bottom of what really happened. The suspense still hangs in the air which is a good thing because your making your readers beg for more! Haha!

    Great update and onto the next! XD

    • Sfe says:

      Hey Jennifer! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m so glad that there’s still suspense about Ray. It’ll probably take some time before his story starts to unravel, and I hope I can keep the readers interested for more, meanwhile 🙂

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